Our goal is to provide our partners with the best solution for them to deliver utility management services to their clients

Established Energy Consultant?

Are You An Established Broker?

If you’ve been working as an energy consultant for many years, supporting your clients and would like to see what we can offer you, then get in touch today. 

We pride ourselves on the strength of our account management support. We specialise in supporting consultants that have mid-market customers and need support with multi-site or energy intense businesses, which often require bespoke procurement and energy solutions.

When you get in touch, one of our professional team will offer to demonstrate how eyesource can benefit your business so you can compare the difference against your current software. Whilst our current partners love our technology, they frequently say our additional support is invaluable to their business. From market reports to compliance and excellent commercial arrangements, we believe at eyesource we provide the full package for utility brokers.

Learn more and start to power your business with eyesource.

Utility Consultant Software Solutions

At eyesource our partners know they can trust us to support them with their clients. Since 2009 we’ve grown our network of partners through hardwork, always listening to their needs and delivering for their clients. 

You always retain the relationship with your client and we provide the behind the scenes support. 

Energy TPI Software

One Size Doesn't Fit All

eyesource was created after evaluating the market and realising that in many instances, you’re given “out the box” software with sporadic partner support.

At eyesource, we believe the support your receive deserves to be tailored to your requirements and that’s exactly what we do. We get to know you, understand how we can best help you and build a package of support that’s competitive and meets your needs.

Compare Your Utility Broker Software

If you’re considering moving from your utility broker software and would like more information on how we can support your business, then let’s talk.

We offer a no-obligation demonstration of our systems and software, as well as explaining all the additional support we provide. 

We think you’ll be impressed.

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